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Indian Creek Florida
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Mickey Mouse logog copyright of Walt Disney Who are Indian Creek Florida ?

Quite simply we are a group of owners who are working together. We all own a villa or sometimes more than one on Indian Creek.

Why Indian Creek ?

Like yourself we looked around for the best location. Many of us have been on this type of holiday and have been bitten by the bug. When we decided that we wanted to own a villa then location was important. We wanted to be in the right place and we all think that we have found it on Indian Creek. It's not often that a development this close to Disney becomes available so it's no wonder that it's such a popular choice.

If it's so good why have I not heard of it ? If you have not heard of it then that's probably because it is one of the newer developments. It is immediately opposite Rolling Hills and the community is built by the same company - Greater Homes.

What is the group for ?

The group is setup to help each other with information and bookings. This can help you too. Not only can we increase our knowledge to help you have a better vacation but we can also help you and your friends find a villa together on Indian Creek. A lot of the guests come to our web site because they cannot go back to the villa they were in. Disappointed - Yes. However we can find them another great villa in the same great location.

Where are the owners from ?

Our group has grown from a few owners in the UK to a larger group with both UK & US owners. This helps us and the guests too. Occasionally there is a communication barrier or understandably a fear of dealing with owners overseas. We can put you in touch with owners in your country if you prefer.

What are our aims ?

We want you to have the holiday of a lifetime ! It's as simple as that. The enthusiasm that Orlando generates is catching. That is why there are so many owners from all over. If you have as good a time as the other guests we want you to come back and bring all your family and friends. Who knows maybe you will be joining our group as an owner before too long.

Law of the Land

As can be seen we are based in the UK and this website is also UK hosted. Therefore all laws and jurisdiction will be within UK law only.

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